Engineered Wood Products

Enjoy the benefit of precise control of machine processes and improved fiber use efficiency! Constant monitoring of quality metrics produce a better quality product at higher production rates.

  • Precise control of veneer clippers, composers, and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) production lines
  • Production of LVL at press speeds in excess of 30 feet per minute with zero line accuracy approaching +/- 1/4 inch and overlap accuracy of better than +/- 1/2 inch
  • I-Line Control Systems with automatic chord creep correction with integrated flying cut-off saw accurate to +/- 1/8 inch at speeds to 1000 feet per minute
  • Control of fully automated Plywood Layup Lines with accurate destacking, feeding, and laying of veneer, all without operator intervention
  • Veneer grading/clipping/stacking systems with clip accuracy to +/- 0.030 inches at speeds of 250 feet per minute

AMS has additionally provided Shape Saw, Bucking Line, and Stud Mill (end dogger, charger, and carriage control) control systems for both new and retrofit applications.


Applications Expertise - Applications we have developed and deployed.

AMS Corporate Brochure - Review of industries served and customer comments.

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