The AMS Total Solution

The AMS total solution is more than hardware and software. It's the seamless integration of sales, development, implementation, training, and support.

We have improved the bottom line of companies large and small through strategic systems integration and cutting-edge motion engineering. For a list of our customers, go to our Who We Serve page.

AMS sales representatives are industry professionals who understand motion and manufacturing and make sure our products are a good fit for your operation before attempting to make you a customer. AMS sales staff continue to offer service and support long after the sales cycle has completed.

Each AMS system is designed and built with the long-term perspective in mind. We draw on our experience from the past and take into consideration future requirements when laying the groundwork for your system. We have extensive testing facilities so that we can guarantee that AMS systems are consistent and rock solid prior to shipment to your facility.

The process of integrating our systems with your production equipment is monitored by AMS engineers who know the product best. Because we know our product so well and take the time up front to understand your needs, we are able to offer the industry's best performance out of the gate. Our systems are fully tested and ready for commissioning when shipped from our factory. These systems come online quickly and stay online. Return on investment begins immediately, not just after a lengthy start-up period.

Training is provided to shift operators and production managers for proper operation and setup of all AMS systems. Technical training includes the theory of operation of the controller, software, and configuration, as well as backup of the controller and configuration of drives. Course materials and comprehensive technical publications are provided for all aspects of system configuration and operation.

Ongoing customer support is key to helping you meet the challenges of your competitive environment. AMS support professionals know the system inside and out. We solicit input from plant production and management personnel to give them ownership in how the system is configured and implemented. This strategy, combined with operations and maintenance personnel training, maximizes the efficiency of your operation.