Paper-Converting Operations

Breathe new life into your Paper-Converting Production Lines with an AMS Retrofit Solution for increased production flexibility and better-than-new performance!

AMS provides a range of custom and off-the-shelf retrofit solutions for the paper-converting industry. We are proud to offer a full range of retrofit drive and control systems for PCMC and Perini equipment, including Rewinders, Log Saws, Diverters, and Wrappers, as well as specialty equipment such as Gatlin Core Pluggers and a variety of Tail Seal units.

These systems improve your converting operations by enhancing the performance of the entire production line.

Our solutions include:

  • Digital metered winding for tissue and soft and hard towel Rewinders
  • Push-button product reconfiguration of your converting line
  • Sectionalized backstands, decorator, and embosser drives for improved tension control at high speeds
  • Low-cost metered winding drive and motor retrofit packages capable of future upgrade to full digital control
  • Servo retrofit kits for log saws, core pluggers, wrappers, and case packers

AMS also provides retrofit and specialty machine design and manufacturing capabilities to address film, corrugated, and printing press converting applications.


Paper-Converting - General converting applications

Metered Wind Systems - High-performance fully digital metered winding solutions

PDF Support

Our site features many PDF documents. If you already have a PDF reader installed (such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader), use that to download our documents. If you need to install a reader, AMS recommends Foxit PDF Reader, which you can download free from their Web site.