Glass Containers

Realize greater flexibility and reliability in glass container production when you upgrade your IS Machine with an AMS Servo System Retrofit

Since 1998, AMS has successfully deployed thousands of motion axes in the glass container industry, including feeders, gob distributors, take-outs, and push-outs. Our Genesys IS Machine Drive Systems are designed with non-proprietary components and an open architecture for maximum flexibility, reliability, and maintainability in the demanding glass production environment.

We design our systems using a single drive approach. Whether using Siemens S120 based architecture or Control Techniques' Unidrives, the same drive module is used for ALL motion axes on the machine--simplifying drive system design and training, while greatly reducing spares requirements.

  • Intuitive HMI allows fast setups and product changeovers while systems are in operation
  • Robust design based on standard components and an open architecture
  • Exemplary reliability and maintainability

Comprehensive IS Machine Solutions

  • Mechanical and servo feeder controls
    Precise digital control over shears and plungers provides accurate and consistent gob size and optimum ware production.
  • Gob distributors
    Our systems are designed with a reduced number of on-machine components for higher reliability and longer life. Software monitoring and control allows quick diagnosis and resolution of problems.
  • Machine and cross conveyors - Digital velocity control ensures precise ware spacing and consistent delivery to the Lehr. Dynamic load display and system self-checks continuously monitor health of drive train components.
  • Transfer wheels
    AMS uses a closed-loop AC Vector motion control axis that is synchronized to the master feeder signal for exact bottle-to-pocket alignment and smooth transfer to the cross conveyor.
  • Mechanical and servo stackers and Lehr loaders
    Mechanical versions can vary speed for flexible push and side shift profiles without changing cams. Servo versions offer infinitely variable sweep profiles for optimum loading performance at any speed.
  • Pushers and take-outs
    Achieve the highest production rates in the industry with brushless servo motor-controlled pushers and take-outs. Retrofits for a range of legacy systems available.

Hot End Sub-Systems

  • Automated Cullet chute water control
  • Hood jam detect and blow-off
  • Standalone servo pusher motor test station
  • Secondary angled photoeye for down-stuck bottle detection - this feature detects side-by-side bottles on the conveyor
  • Low air pressure detection ensures gob swing control

IS Machine Drive and Control Systems Overview
Servo Machine Retrofits for Glass Systems

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