File Transfer

There is often a need to transfer large files between customers, vendors and AMS employees. E-mail is NOT the best method to do this due to limitations on most mail servers. However, AMS has a secure file transfer solution available on our web server. This application allows users to maintain control of the files, receive download receipts and automatically purge files left on the transfer site.

The AMS secure file transfer application can be accessed at Remote users can upload up to 500 mb to any AMS user and local users can send files up to 2 gb. In addition senders can determine if recipients will be required to be authenticated and can specify how long the file is available for download. Senders also receive an e-mail when the recipient has downloaded the file.


New users will need to click the 'Register' link at the bottom of the screen to begin the process of signing up for the service and then sending a file.

Update April 2013

The latest version of our File Transfer has been installed and users now have a filedrop web page. You can now access a users filedrop by going to the following adddress. You must replace the [username] with the user's valid e-mail username.[username]

Update December 2012

We recently upgraded to a new version of this web site. The new version uses LiquidFiles server version 2. Questions or issues should be directed to our Information Systems Manager using the following contact form.

Update January 2012

We now have dropboxes for most employees. If you would like to send a file to an employee without the need to create a user account please contact them and ask for their drop box address.